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FOODENGINE is a Marie Curie Innovative training network (ITN-ETN) for early-stage (ESR) researchers, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Programme and has started on January 1, 2018.

The objective of FOODENGINE is to train interdisciplinary experts with an intersectoral (from academia to private sector) experience on a beyond state-of-the-art new way of thinking for future food products and food process design, complemented with an extensive transferable skills development.

The consortium of FOODENGINE combines the interdisciplinary expertise and infrastructure of three highly-ranked European Universities/Research institutes (KU Leuven (BE), FOOD-UCPH (DK), INRAE (FR)), three large-turnover, multinational, R&D-based food (ingredient) companies (Döhler (DE), Cargill (BE), Unilever (NL)), two medium-sized food (ingredient) companies (GNT (DE), Greenyard Prepared (BE)) and an international market and consumer research company (Haystack (BE)) into a synergistic consortium to establish an international (BE, DK, FR, DE, NL), interdisciplinary and intersectoral pioneering European food training programme.

FOODENGINE offers research and training opportunities for 13 long-term (36 pm) early-stage researchers. Besides research-based training, recruited researchers will receive local and network-wide training in complementary skills via workshops, winter schools and conferences, and will be exposed both to the academic and the private sector via secondments.