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Newsletter 1

This blog post is the first part of periodic articles where four fellows share their testimonies as they embark on a journey as FOODENGINE Early Stage Researchers. In this post, they offer a sneak peek of their early days experience in being part of FOODENGINE as they share their stories exclusively on this platform.

Given the rising interest and confusion around plant-based diets, this post is for those curious to make a switch or willing to explore the plant-based diet. We hope that the amalgamation of the facts, plant-based diet ideas and trends make it interesting to read and bust the myth that plant-based diets are boring.

This post presents something along the lines of sustainability, health and consumer perception of plant-based diets in an attempt to create awareness about plant-based living and that what we eat, greatly influences our personal health as well as the environment we share.

Newsletter 2

Doing research when the world is in lockdown is not easy at all. In this blog post one of the fellows gives you an idea how the world of Early Stage Researchers turned upside down when the coronavirus bumped into their lives.

Attending conferences is an integral part of the academic life: meeting experts, networking, presenting your work, having fruitful discussions with fellow researchers, learning new things, getting new ideas, and many more. Unfortunately, the corona pandemic spoiled the fun of conferences and obliged the organisers to shift to virtual ones. Some of the FOODENGINE fellows are sharing their experiences.

From farm to fork” is a well-known catch phrase in the area of food science and technology. In this post, the different steps in the food supply chain are discussed using a basic example.