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Public PhD defenses

Natalia Mar Teribia Casado (ESR 11)

Color and flavor evolution during processing and storage of strawberry puree

November, 22, 2021


Laura Noordraven (ESR 1)

Impact of thermal processing and storage on the rheological and flavour aspects of chickpea-based systems: focus on whole chickpea and chickpea flours

December, 9, 2021


Siddharth Sharan (ESR 12)

Understanding of the Mechanisms at the Origin of Functional & Flavor Properties in Protein-Rich Fava Bean Ingredients & Their Use in Beverages.

December, 15, 2021


Svenja Krause (ESR 9)

A product engineering approach to assess the reactivity of legume-based ingredients and its impact on the quality of processed foods such as cake

December, 16, 2021


Adiguna Bahari (ESR 13)

Understanding carrageenan extraction principles to build insight in red seaweed cell wall structural organization

December, 20, 2021