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Winterschool at INRAE

During the first week of February in 2021 (February 1-5, 2021) the third FOODENGINE winterschool took place. As the COVID-19 pandemic is still having a large impact on our research and training activities, the third winterschool took place in online format and was hosted by INRAE. Although meeting each other in real life is much more pleasant than saying ‘Hello’ and discussing your research progress in a online environment, it was nice to see each other again and INRAE did a great job in trying to make the winterschool as interactive as possible.

On the first day of the winterschool, our two new fellows (Pedro and Inthuja) received a warm welcome of the network. Next to giving an update about their research progress, the FOODENGINE fellows had interesting scientific lectures about ‘Sustainability of food systems’, ‘Plant-based diets and health’ and ‘Food processing and health.’ These lectures were alternated with interactive discussions and exercises.

Besides the scientific part, the fellows had some fun during the online escape room and during their virtual diner. In addition, it was nice to learn some fun facts and to see some childhood pictures of the FOODENGINE fellows and supervisors in an online quiz.

Organising training activities anno 2021 can be pleasant for sure!


The online diner was served!

Having fun during the online escape room

Winterschool at UCPH

During the last week of January (January 27-31, 2020), the FOODENGINE network came together in Copenhagen during the second Winterschool. During this training event, the FOODENGINE fellows had the opportunity to present and discuss their research progress with the partners of the network. During a 3-days scientific course, the fellows learned more about sensorial analyses and sensometrics. They could also prepare their own ‘artificial’ apple juice using chemical compounds only and compare it with ‘real’ apple juice.

Food and sensorial properties were also the keywords of the social activity: all partners needed to show their cooking skills in a cooking workshop to prepare our dinner. Take a look at the pictures to see how much fun it was!

Winterschool at KU Leuven

All FOODENGINE fellows and partners have met for the first time during the first Winterschool. This Winterschool took place from February 4-8, 2019 and was hosted by KU Leuven (Belgium). It was a week full of interesting presentations and discussions, a skills training session on “How to manage my research project” and a company visit to Greenyard. Fellows were also challenged with brain teasers and puzzles in an escape game. Some impressions of the first Winterschool can be found below.