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My name is Shruti Aravindakshan and I am from India.

I believe, humans and nature have a palpable and profound connection. Food is one of the immaculate gifts that connects us with the nature and allows us to understand the diverse ecosystem. My journey with food science in technology started in 2012, when I started my bachelor’s from India’s most eminent institute of Food science – NIFTEM. After my bachelor’s, I moved a step further to join Erasmus Mundus European Masters in Food Studies and Business, which is organized by KU-Leuven. I consider, that decision as a life-changing in so many ways. On an academic note, I got the opportunity to work in five countries and 3 continents at a young age, whereby my professional vision has widened after embracing diverse cultures and working in multi-cultural environment. Additionally, I also had the opportunity to work for Cargill, Hamburg in the Product and Process Development of Texturizers. It was difficult to say goodbye to Germany but I am excited and honoured to join as ESR 3 at KU Leuven where I will be working on the Stability and Collapse of (semi) dry cell wall containing systems with INRA and Cargill as partners. I would be investigating the stability of simple polymers and complex whole food systems through the concept of glass transition.

Personally, I am a total foodie and as a polyglot, I can understand five languages. Being in Belgium, I am looking forward to an unforgettable experience (beyond chocolates and beer), which would shape me not just professionally (of course) but also personally.

“Be the change, you want to see in the world”-Mahatma Gandhi

In coming years, issues such as Food Security and Sustainability will challenge our society and it is imperative that “Science, Technology and Innovations’ can provide answers to these intricate problems. As a Food Scientist and Global-Citizen, I feel it is my moral-responsibility to step-up and help society with my knowledge, competence and passion. I am confident, I can impart my contribution to science through disruptive innovation, challenging the status quo and influence the society, in a better and positive way.

If you would like to know more and want to discuss something about my research, feel free to drop a couple of lines by sending an email (show email). If you are interested in things beyond research, connect with me via LinkedIn (show).