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Bio Siddharth SHARAN

Je suis venu, J’ai vu, J’ai vaincu !

One dreams, endeavors and then arrives, learns, grows, and then finally achieves. I have always believed in dreaming and learning and then growing and discovering the world around and inside me. For me most beautiful part of every journey in my life has never been the achievement itself but the whole process of achieving a goal, which has taught great lessons in life. My name is Sid and I could say Namaste, Hello or Bonjour, but now I am learning also to say Guten Tag in my new journey which is the ESR 12 FOODENGINE PhD Programme along with Döhler Group in Germany.

To share in a nutshell my journey until now, I start with where I was born, in India, where I did my Bachelors in Biotechnology and my first Masters in Food Technology. In these years I developed great interest and respect towards research in food and how good research could contribute so much to the world. Since I wanted to learn more and discover more about various avenues in food science, I realized that education with an added different exposure and experience was very essential. Thus, I chose to follow my second Masters in Food Innovation and Product Design (FIPDes) funded by the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. This opened and broadened my vision in food science and innovation, along with my experience living in France, Ireland and the Netherlands. I was able to learn so much about different cultures and different ways of working, along with forming a strong, great network of intellectual, ambitious and amazing people in the field. Meanwhile, thanks to my experience in food industry in Infant Foods and Nutrition, I realized how stronger my motivation had become to contribute further in the new trends in food with my research skills, and the ESR 12 project seemed like a perfect fit for my aspirations and my attitude.

So here I am, in Germany with Döhler, working on the topic ‘Evaluation of different extraction and modification processes and technologies on the stability and shelf-life of plant-based proteins in multiple food matrices.’ Since the use and need for non-dairy based proteins has been increasing in the food market, especially because of their advantages over other animal sources of protein, it would be crucial to develop, evaluate and optimize their use in food matrices so that we achieve targeted and desired physiological and technological properties. Hosted by Döhler in Germany, I have the support of AgroParisTech in France, along with the secondment partners INRA in France and University of Copenhagen in Denmark. All the partners have been very supportive during my start of PhD, and I feel encouraged and motivated to work with such passionate researchers. I am quite positive and confident that this path of ESR 12 would teach a great deal in my life and my career since it is a great platform for growth and opportunities. If you may be interested in my story and my research, you could write to me sending an email (show email).