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Bio Tiffany PATRA

Hej, Hoi, Halo! I am Tiffany from Indonesia and I am currently pursuing my PhD at FOOD-UCPH doing ESR 5 (Colloidal Stability of Fruit-Based Liquid Foods during Storage) in collaboration with Döhler, and KU Leuven.

I did a Bachelor of Engineering program in Bioprocess Technology at Universitas Indonesia and then worked for 2.5 years as a food process engineer. This initial work introduced me to the world of food processing and I have never looked back ever since. Then to pursue my growing curiosity in food science, I undertook a master degree in Food Technology at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. During the internship time while pursuing my master degree, I was very fortunate to be part of Food Valley Ambassadors Program which paired me with Kraft-Heinz European RD Centre for a year. It was during this internship that I learned about conventional and emerging processing of liquid foods which become the base for my current project at UCPH.

Food sustainability is a dear issue to my heart and I am very fortunate for being able to work on ESR 5 project which support this issue. The general aim for ESR 5 is to develop a tool for predicting the physical stability of liquid fruit products during storage processed with various technologies currently available. In the long run, the research would become the precursor of shelf-stable fruit based products with better quality. Thus, increasing the availability of such products, and promote a healthier and more sustainable fruit-plant based food diet.

I would love to discuss further upon my project and other related issue to food sustainability with you if you are interested. You can reach me through my email (show email).